17 Month 7, 2019
In Sai Gon, there are not only two seasons (raining season and dry season) but also the autumn. When the flame trees are at the end of flowering season, the sound of cicada are off in the streets, the sky in Sai Gon looks clearly blue with the light sunshine gleaming under the rows of trees with falling leaves. Saigon, gently “steps” into the autumn.
It’s hard not to mention Saigon when talking about travelling to Southeast Asia. Saigon (also known as Ho Chi Minh city) is one of the most amazing destinations where every travel lover should visit once in their life. The city mesmerizes tourists by not only its colorful lifestyle but also magnificent buildings built a long time ago. As one of the finest colonial architectures in Saigon, Reunification Palace is the symbol of Vietnam national independence with historical and architectural values attracting tourists around the world.
14 Month 7, 2019
Ben Thanh Market is an emblematic landmark that you definitely should visit when coming to Ho Chi Minh City. This old market is not only the place to buy quality goods and lovely souvenirs but also the fascinating destination that expresses the true culture of Vietnam.
Ngoc Hoang (Jade Emperor) Pagoda is famous in Ho Chi Minh City for a set of about 100 statues made from cardboard that depicts a meeting of genies with the Jade Emperor. It has now become a favorite destination of tourists. During his recent official visit to Vietnam, US President Barack Obama visited this pagoda.
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Ho Chi Minh is one of the most evocative and popular tourist cities of the entire Vietnam. A visit here sparks the senses. Despite the clamor, the city is rich in dynamic and modern beauty, with attractions for every kind of traveler.
One of Ho Chi Minh City’s most popular attractions, Ho Chi Minh Central Post Office (aslo known as Saigon Central Post Office) is the largest post office in Vietnam and also in Southeast Asia. The emblematic architectural structures of the post office will make you think that you have been temporarily whisked out of Asia and transported to a 20th century European train station. It is an enormous picture of the city that you should not miss when traveling to Ho Chi Minh city.
Vietravel, as the leading brand in the Vietnamese tourism industry, has made its mark with outstanding results in building the country’s image and developing the local areas through many strategic projects.