Free walking tour

At Vietravel Free Walking Tours, our team of enthusiastic support staff cover the phone (+84 93 830 12 12), Trip Advisor and Website channels 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that every day they receive and answer A LOT of questions! We took the time to interview a few of these awesome folks today to find out what first time Vietravel Free Walking Tours travelers most want to know. Find all the answers below!

1. Any thoughts that inspire you to run Vietravel Free Walking Tours?

Firstly, we love Saigon, its living and culture. By holding tours, we’d like to introduce foreign friends to our welcome city. Moreover, the project is a practical environment for us - Tourism workers to practice what we learned and worked. Furthermore, we have chances to improve our English.

2. What does FREE TOURS mean?

We offer you city tours without charge of tour guiding service. Our motivation is the quality of your experience. Yet we do not cover your personal fees (entrance fees, transport, food & beverage…).

3. What are the attractions of the tour?

Not similar to any others, Vietravel Free Walking Tours prefer off the beaten track destinations to touristy places. We’d like to offer you true local experiences.

4. How many tourists have enjoyed this tour service so far?

Up to now, we have reached more than 200 tourists.

5. After the tour, what things do you expect the tourists can gain?

The thing that we most expect is that the tourists would have a better view about our country and people. Vietnam is not only about war and poverty.

6. How often would your group organize the tour and how long it lasts every time?

We run the tour every weekend and each tour last approximately 2 to 3 hours.

7. Do I have to tip for tour guide?

Tipping is not compulsory. Our motivation is the quality of your experience. If you are satisfied with the service provided, tip is appropriate. Please inform us instantly if you’re asked for any unclear charges.

8. What happens if it is raining?

We go out RAIN or SHINE, so if it’s drizzling please remember to bring a rain jacket or an umbrella.

Only in case of unbearably inclement weather, the tour will be rescheduled and you will be contacted as soon as we can

9. Can I just show up without booking?

NO! As the great tourism organization, for health and safety reasons we would need to accept participants with booking only. Unfortunately, if you would have not done booking we will have to reject your participation.

Please note that we can’t take a group of more than 10 people on our free tours, if this is the case please get in touch with us here to enquire about a private tour

10. How will I find the tour guide?

Look for the guide with our unique yellow T-shirt, and our yellow board. You will definitely find it.

Please be aware that the guide will not check the phone once the tour has started.