Hue is one of the economic, cultural, and culinary centers in Vietnam. Hue food is really plentiful with several specialties which are famous throughout the country.
30 Month 10, 2017
Sugar-cane juice is a type of drink commonly found in Vietnam as a refreshing drink during the hot Vietnamese climate.
Hanoi is heaven for street food enthusiasts. Every alley has a stall that serves some kind of food, whether it be snacks, a full meal, drinks or dessert. Finding vegan food may be a little tough though, so we’ve explored a few of the many alleyways of Hanoi and come up with this list for you to enjoy.
7 Month 6, 2018
Saigon can satisfy all your needs for food, from street food to high-end dining. Top Vietnamese food that you should try in Saigon.
Saigon is known as a city of everything for a reason. By many impacts, people from across the country came to Saigon to set up their lives and hope for a better future. And in the windy nights, when they really miss the taste of some local foods, they can also easily find them in Saigon, to remind the unforgettable moments.